Sunday, May 10, 2009

l'anniv d'eve

my host sister, eve, turned 9 last week. you would think from the pictures she turned 29! She is a little diva; the only thing she wanted for her gift was a massage chair (and she got it!). But she really has a good heart and cracks me up. She wanted everyone to have a great time on her day! I got her a little bracelet and she said she really likes it, so I was happy :) Enjoy the pics!


  1. Happy BDAY BRENNA - Sorry We are a bit late but Happy Day from all of us :-)

    Unc Matt, Aunt Jen, Frankie and Carey

  2. THANKS! Happy bday to you too Uncle matt!!! I hope you had a good day! And Happy Mother's Day Aunt Jen! See you soon!