Saturday, April 18, 2009

feria d'arles

On monday we had the day off from school because of Easter. So me and too friends ventured off to Arles, the city of VanGogh. It was here that VanGogh painted The Café on the Terrace. (Bridget, recognize this!??) It was really cool to see, plus we got to see VanGogh's bedroom. It was tiny! The city has a lot of Roman influences. It is in Arles where you find a huge colosseum, just like the one in Rome! The feria d'arles is a festival like the ones in Spain, where there are "corridas" and running of the bulls. Me and my friends were crossing the street and nearly got run over by the bulls! That was a huge mistake, we were a little shaken up by that. People were everywhere singing in the streets, dancing, and drinking pastis. The environment was really cool! Although we didn't go to the corrida (they kill the bulls in this one) we walked by the colosseum and could hear the shouting that was going on inside! It was a neat experience to be in Arles for this fete.

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