Saturday, April 18, 2009

un diner americain

On thursday night, I cooked an american meal for my host family. What is an American meal, you ask? The only things I could come up with where pie, chili, meatloaf, and (GASP!) hamburgers. Straying away from the whole "americans-are-fat-and-all-we-eat-are-burgers" image, and frightened to death by the idea of trying to make a pie attempting to convert to the metric system, I went with the good ol' classic of meatloaf. Then I make asparagus and red peppers in a yummy sauce, and mashed potatoes! I was really nervous that they weren't going to like it - but it was a HUGE success! They were asking me how to make it and are going to take the recipe! They called the mashed potatoes, "potates purée" hehe.

For dessert, we made s'mores on the stove-top. Instead of graham crackers with Hershey's, we made s'more "tartines" and put the "chamellow" (love that word - it means marshmellow!) on top of a Petit Ecolier cookie. It was a really fun night. Although sometimes I feel frustrated because my host family keeps a distance from me sometimes, my host mom said the other night that I was like part of the family! I was so happy she said that, because out of everyone, she is the one who I didn't fully understand at first. Although she has her crazy theories and wild ways, she is really a generous hard-working woman and I'm lucky they are sharing their family with me!

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