Sunday, April 12, 2009

joyeuses paques

happy easter everyone!! while it is weird to be in France on easter - the first time without my family - it is nice to see how the french celebrate the holiday. my host family is not religious, but we hid eggs in the garden this morning and and went looking for them. it's raining today, but it was still fun!! spring has sprung in provence and the flowers are beautiful! tons of purples and yellows :)

this morning i went to the little church next to my house - it was very friendly and welcoming! they teach the songs before mass starts so everyone can sing along. i really liked it because everyone seemed to know each other really well. the only weird thing was that no one was dressed up! I wore a dress and everyone else was wearing normal casual clothes. my roomate wrote me a really sweet note and gave me some candy too! she is so nice. plus my best friend here, who is jewish, offered to have a meal together to celebrate. it was funny when we both realized that the normal easter foods - bagels, ham, chocolate - are not allowed to be eaten by those observing passover. we are both learning about each other's religion! i am fortunate to have met some very great people here :)

i hope everyone has a great easter!!!

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