Monday, February 16, 2009


I just got back from an amazing weekend in Nice and Monaco! Nice was so beautiful - the buildings were so colorful and the sea was amazing! When we got there we tried all of the native food at the market. There is a lot of Italian influence there so there is really great Italian food and seafood as well. I tried socca, which is kind of like a crepe but made out of chick pea. It was really good. Then they also had this delicious pastry made out of swiss chard, pine nuts, raisons, and dough that was soooo good.

After we walked around and ate a little we went to carnaval! The carnaval parade that we went to was called "Bataille des Fleurs". They had huge floats all made out of flowers, it was really cool. The outfits of the people in the parade were amazing as well! They threw mimosa flowers on us, which are they yellow flowers that are in season now. It was really fun !

Pictures are copyright of my roomie, Lilli! Isn't she talented???

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