Wednesday, February 18, 2009

chez medecin

I have returned from the life and the rich and the famous to the life of the rich...hehe. This week I took a sewing class with this woman who used to work for all the big labels like Gucci, Prada, etc. She had her own store in Monaco! I don't know how good of a teacher she is though because my creation is not that amazing...

ok i have to document this because it was so funny and i want to remember it. tonight at dinner we had the funniest conversation about hair. Charles has really long girlish hair and he refuses to get it cut. he likes to hide behind it and he thinks it looks cooler. at at the same time Christian was saying that he needs more boys in the house, because there are 5 girls and charles looks like a girl with his haircut. then charles got mad because he thinks he is a grown up man. Christian asked him if he had facial hair, and he screamed "NO! BUT EVE HAS ONE ARMPIT HAIR!" haha eve was so proud of it! she showed everyone at the table! and then charles told her to cut it and she matter-of-factly responded that if you cut it it will grow back thicker and darker! haha it was so funny.

veronique thinks everything can be solved by a "tezane" which apparently is a kind of tea with herbs in it. lilly wasn't feeling well the other night and she made this huge concoction with honey and and herbs and tea. and manon was cracking me up because she said she wanted to go to the doctor, but vero wouldn't hear of it. christian said it is because she is from bretagne and it is the bretagne method to refuse medicine! haha.

they are always keeping me laughing :) but at the same time they remind me of home because no one sits at the dinner table...i miss my fam!!! can't wait until my rentals come :)

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