Monday, February 9, 2009

marseille (again!)

I spent the weekend in Marseille! There is so much to see and do there. On Saturday it was the last day for winter sales, so me and my friend Cari went shopping and I got a cute jacket. On Sunday a former CEA student who lives in Marseille now took five of us on a tour of Marseille. She took us to places I hadn't visited before, which was awesome! Plus, for lunch we went to her boyfriend's grandmother's house. She was this little French lady who didn't stop talking for two hours straight! It was so funny. And there were one of two people who just started learning French, but she wouldn't accept that and just kept talking and talking. She kept force feeding us cheap white table wine, which she said was "a woman's wine" because the top has a twist off cap and it has less alcohol content than normal wine. Then, as she giving us stale bread and the french equivalent of tastykakes she called herself a "vrai gourmand". Ha! She was cracking me up.

In this picture, it's a Coke ad but it is saying "allez OM". OM means Olympique Marseille, the soccer/football team that everyone loves here. I am dying to get to a game! Maybe i'll go one weekend to see what it's like :)

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